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Whirlpool testimonials is a great Australian forum for all people interested in the internet and ISP services, our clients obviously frequent this forum, a recent search reveals our clients are talking positively about our service, we have no affiliation with Whirlpool forums, our membership is a standard membership. We have no Moderator privileges and all posts are made by clients of ours on a volunteer basis. The posts listed here are all the posts we could find as of December 15th 2004.

If your looking for a great webhosting service at excellent prices and would like to try our service, signup today. If your not satisfied with our service we will be happy to refund your payment of up to 30 days service less any Credit Card Charges or fee's.

digitalhost all the way. From Starter to Platinum hosting plans. Starting prices are from $55 Yearly for Starter and up to $27.99 p/m for Platinum. Reseller Accounts: Bronze $50.00 p/m, Silver $75.00 p/m, Gold $175.00 p/m... [read more]

2002-Nov-20, 2:27 pm [read more]

2004-Dec-8, 1:17 am

Due to reading all pages of this site, i have gone with - $12 AUD / Month 300mb storage 8gb bandwidth. My site isn't very high tech yet, very basic HTML and pictures to sell my products however i think digital host... [read more]

2003-Oct-7, 7:03 pm

I can always work out a deal with digitalhost if i want more but i think 6 gigs a month is more then enough. Since im on Hell$tra 3 gig cap cable i can't upload too much as i am charged for it (rip off) so 6 gigs is more then plenty can... [read more]

2003-Sep-29, 9:51 pm

... 34.655 ms 39.383 ms 36.868 ms digitalhosts - traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets 1 ( 0.404 ms 0.372 ms 0.423 ms 2... [read more]

2003-Jul-7, 8:46 pm

Name: Digital Host Web: Rating: 9.5/10 (cause nothings a 10) Support: Frontpage ext, SQL, Pre-installed Chat/ Forums, Full PHP, own CGI bin, 50 POP3 email accounts, 100 email aliases, 10 Autoresponders (thats on the... [read more]

2004-Nov-1, 9:57 pm

... ernal.php looks good­ aredhosting.htm seem new and not teco­ ng.html pricey but looks ok... [read more]

2004-Oct-20, 7:35 pm

i would recommend good customer support and reasonable prices....
[read more]

2004-Sep-8, 1:57 pm

... i am using, and i find them to be great have a look around there are heaps of sites around... [read more]

2004-Sep-12, 12:02 pm

Try digitalhost ( I have no problems with them. Good service too....
[read more]

2004-Sep-8, 3:01 pm­ hosting.htm not $5 a month but pretty close, also heaps of other companies! i am with digital host and very happy :)... [read more]

2004-Mar-19, 12:20 pm

... mailling lists atachedto other services. for a web hosting plan of $7 per month and i think they supply mailling listss, as do many other services.... [read more]

2004-Mar-17, 10:28 am

Those prices look very nice, I am with digitalhost and have been with them for close to a year, i will have to reniue my account soon, their prices have gone up and will have to see if they can keep their prices as the same price for me!... [read more]

2004-Mar-8, 1:39 pm

Give him my webspace, I never use it ;) EDIT; I use for my website too and they are unbelievable! highly recommend them... [read more]

2004-Mar-8, 1:16 pm

Go buy some webspace if you want that much! $99 a year, will get you 200MB 5gb Bandwidth, and all the extras you need like SQL, PHP etc. Plus 50 Email addresses, then ad on an extra $13 and you have a domain! What i am doing and it is... [read more]

2004-Jan-5, 8:06 pm

... ri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.digitalhost.­­ d%2Fhow_it_works_button.htm) to ensure you have at least covered the obvious bases. And if your site is still behaving oddly, come back to us with the... [read more]

2004-Jan-5, 6:11 pm

sure thing. Here is the page that looks fine in both dreamweaver and in the browser.­ esign/html/qld/how_it_works.htm ­ now the client wanted me to add a "FAQ" navigation button - no big... [read more]

2004-Jan-4, 5:27 pm

ok. But i have paid more than $800AUD and had worse. This was another personal recommendation. What do u think of them??? Thanks... [read more]

2003-Nov-11, 9:13 pm

I to use and find their customer service to be out-standing! I was with Netregistry for full web hosting until one day I was exchanging an email with one of the sales guys about some technical details. A few... [read more]

2003-Nov-11, 6:48 pm

... I've heard from them. I now use and have so for the last 2 years nearly and have never looked back.... [read more]

2003-Dec-12, 10:09 am

Why not ask what people are offering to pay and work out some sort of deal for them. I go through and i get a hell of alot more then your offering (no offence intended) but come on really. I get 1gig space 25gig bandwidth... [read more]

2003-Dec-1, 11:37 pm

Like Merkin said look at the list of paid hosts. I myself usual digitalhost. Plans start from 7.50 a mont upto 27.99 a month and more if you want extra. I pay the 27.99 a month i get 1gig space/25gig data transfeer/500 Pop3/100ftp accounts... [read more]

2003-Nov-21, 11:55 pm

... etc etc etc all the usual) i'm with , but check out the abovementioned thread. i don't think its worth the potential hassle for less tahtn $10 a mth!!!!! Refgod... [read more]

2003-Oct-9, 10:54 pm

I find it odd that digitalhost make no mention of their ABN on thier website. In fact, digitalhost is not even a registered business name.... [read more]

2003-Oct-9, 4:39 pm

That may be true. They might be hosted overseas but the prices are in AUD hence why you get more bandwidth for your plan. Hosting within australia you wont get anything near what digitalhost has. The problem is that the bandwidth in... [read more]

2003-Oct-9, 4:34 pm

It's my understanding that digitalhost do not offer Australian based servers... [read more]

2003-Oct-9, 10:35 am

You can try DigiatlHost they have great plans and are all in Australian Prices. Also you can sign up as a reseller and get the unlimited email (POP3) FTP and so on for less then $50 AUD. Email Nicolas and he will give you all the... [read more]

2003-Nov-16, 5:02 pm

... what they provide more bandwidth than­ dicated.htm for the same amount of price. RufFiaN... [read more]

2003-Nov-16, 11:31 am

Neo, (or is that Nicholas CEO of digitalhost - hence NEO?), $500+ yes with Web Central and a couple others, but not with many others. Also is the $27.99 including GST ???... [read more]

2003-Nov-16, 6:54 am

... are a pure joke plain and simple. I go through for normal hosting and im gettin 25 gigs a month for 27.99 a month plus the space etc here in aus for that of bandwidth would cost a hell of alot more something hmmm... [read more]

2003-Nov-15, 6:38 pm

As posted above i also would recommend goto­ dicated.htm and look there.... [read more]

2003-Nov-12, 12:16 pm

digitalhost ( ­ is a company located in Australia, but their servers are in the US.... [read more]

2003-Oct-19, 10:02 pm

Drop an email off to for some pricing. I'm not sure on how much they get's for but none the less send of an email. I've never had a problem with using them for hosting or domain name registrations (.com's).... [read more]

2003-Oct-15, 1:08 pm

I have a registered bus name and number etc - have provided it. They say its take a day to register :( and i went with a month of to how well they go, if no good i will try the [read more]

2003-Oct-28, 9:33 am

... cant past it The config.log is­ at/config.log here If anyone has any expereince at all with this and ciould any suggestions at all i would be erternally gratefull. I have had the RPM... [read more]

2003-Oct-19, 12:44 pm

1. great hosting excellent prices tech support is superb. 2. They have a reseller program but im not sure if they are having any more sign up's atm... Email nicolas directly and ask him... [read more]

2003-Oct-22, 4:48 pm

... getting 200mb of space and 5GB of transfer from digitalhost. So how does this compare to digitalhost please enlighten me? I suggest you open your eyes and learn to read, before you post stupid remarks. RufFiaN... [read more]

2003-Oct-18, 4:48 pm Good prices great support and a heck of alot to offer. Im on the Gold Plan and it is great though im thinking of upgrading to the top level plan more space more bandwidth more MySQL db's etc... Rating for... [read more]

2003-Oct-20, 11:41 am

Any webhost is able to run PHP Nuke... I go through digitalhost they offer a lot of thing's.... I run a lot of scripts and PHP Nuke is one of them... PHP Nuke in built into the service all you need do is set it up via the CPanel (To control... [read more]

2003-Oct-13, 1:16 pm

I agree 100%. I have my website hosted with these guys they rock. Email Nicolas directly [read more]

2003-Oct-12, 7:07 pm

l@@k here and email them. Cant speak highly of them enough....
[read more]

2003-Oct-15, 1:59 pm

I'm with digitalhost and I use it, and I think it's pretty good too. Quite flexible and open to customisation as well. There's always TypePad , which is just an advanced version of Movable Type that's hosted for you. I haven't... [read more]

2003-Oct-15, 6:12 pm

hey digitalhost looks pretty cool, i might try them out :)... [read more]

2003-Oct-15, 3:39 pm

Their prices look ok if you want Windows 2003, which means that you get ASP, etc. digitalhost is still better value if all you need is Linux/PHP/MySQL hosting.... [read more]

2003-Oct-15, 3:23 pm

If you're considering digitalhost, check out [read more]

2003-Oct-15, 3:05 pm

Yeah - I recently moved to digitalhost and they're excellent - good support and services too, not to mention cheap prices. If you pay direclty into their bank account in Australia, they charge the same in Aussie dollars as they would in US... [read more]

2003-Oct-15, 2:31 pm

Well, thats an excellent summation. Not. I can verify that digitalhost are an excellent hosting company. Many people here including myself are using digitalhost and are very happy with them. I haven't had any experience with the... [read more]

2003-Oct-15, 11:22 am I am about to sign up on the bronze package and buy a from them (yes i have a bus name) - does anyone have any good/bad stories about this host before i sign up?... [read more]

2003-Oct-13, 3:07 pm

i think i might get the bronze package, if i do get them what will my link be ie­ anyway the main reason for starting this tread was to find out how to make a mySQL database, can anyone help there?... [read more]

2003-Oct-13, 11:03 am

Not in comparison to digitalhost, that Joey Joe mentioned. WIth them, you'd get 200mb space, 5GB bandwidth per month, 5 MySQL databases, excellent support and monitoring, etc, all the other stuff you mentioned - for $75AU per year.... [read more]

2003-Oct-12, 11:39 am

... and get some good hosting. check out I am very happy i signed up for hosting now. Confince my dad to pay for it also :) as he can use it for his business.... [read more]

2003-Oct-7, 5:32 pm

I've just transferred hosting of my personal web site to digitalhost. With my old host, I had shell access, which I mainly used for SFTP and to work on MySQL databases. I don't get this with digitalhost, but can get it if I purchase a... [read more]

2003-Oct-5, 12:49 pm

That's the one thing i love about digitalhost great service and webmaster/admin email you within an hour or sooner.... [read more]

2003-Oct-2, 2:32 pm

Totally agree re digitalhost - I recently emailed asking if they could set up an account on a weekend, and Nicholas answered me back within the hour, and spent until late Sunday night setting up a reseller account for me and sorting out all... [read more]

2003-Sep-30, 2:35 pm

Another vote for digitalhost. Great host, if I've needed to ask a question, I would ask via email, I would recieve replies in no longer then a couple of hours. Talk about service :) Good value for money, definately recommend them.... [read more]

2003-Sep-29, 1:26 pm

I would agree with Joey on this one 100% or if you wanna pay USD [read more]

2003-Sep-27, 9:50 pm

... up just paying, very cheap per year, and havn't looked back since. I confinced my father to pay for it even, and we all use it, me and my bro for hosting, and my father and mayself also for email. $80 a year... [read more]

2003-Oct-1, 8:15 pm are Aussie with US based servers though great... [read more]

2003-Oct-1, 8:11 pm

I'm with Joey Joe Joe are great to deal with... [read more]

2003-Sep-29, 9:43 pm

First of all, Your comparing Au vs US servers. The pricing between enhancedhost (aussiehosts us server) and digitalhost are very similar. And have you ever checked out the AussieHosts specials? I am on AHO2 2 for 1 plan, which... [read more]

2003-Sep-29, 7:59 pm

I do not work for digitalhost in any way. I am simply saying that the costs to run a web site in australia costs 5x as much as it does in the states. For dial-up users yes cable users like myself it loads within 5 seconds... [read more]

2003-Sep-29, 5:07 pm

I am sure there are plenty. But you were comparing digitalhost to AussieHosts. And the prices for digitalhost and EnhancedHost (US based hosting of AussieHosts) are very similar.... [read more]

2003-Sep-29, 3:21 pm

... as that. Hahahaha i get great speeds from digitalhost even though they are in the states... It does not matter were the host is it's the end user whois the problem. Makes no difference at all better hosts are in the states... [read more]

2003-Sep-29, 2:41 pm

... servers are in Brisbane. I bet that the digitalhost servers are quite laggy compared to Aussiehosts which you get real good pings on. I think the team at aussie hosts are quite good. Disk Space 100 MB Data Transfer 3 GB mySQL... [read more]

2003-Sep-28, 11:56 am

i second that. digitalhost has been great. just pay once (per year). they even throw in discounted .com registration. that was few months back.... [read more]

2003-Sep-27, 9:04 pm

Do digitalhost host use your bandwith for uploading your data and it being downloaded by the browser. What i mean is it all counted in the bandwith usage you get a month ?... [read more]

2003-Sep-27, 9:02 pm

I'm with digitalhost as well, and they have direct deposit etc, and AU support ... I've been happy with them so far :)... [read more]

2003-Sep-27, 4:09 pm

I am with they are australian company but their servers are in the US, speeds are great, so that isn't anything to worry about and support is great also.... [read more]

2003-Sep-27, 8:46 am

As an alternative why not go for digitalhost as they have been giving me great services since I signed up few months ago. You can get PHP and mySQL with just $70+/yr... [read more]

2003-Sep-17, 3:58 pm

yeah i use (for about 4 months now) I am on the bronze account, been happy with it nicholas will answer any questions day and night within 5 mins ( their support is very very good. the servers... [read more]

2003-Sep-17, 10:31 am

Has anyone any experience of as a reseller ?? I noticed that they got a 'thumbs up' in the Web Hosting sticky thread, however that was back in July and was only one person, and was for a personal account. My... [read more]

2003-Sep-13, 3:31 am

Do you run digitalhost nicholas?... [read more]

2003-Sep-5, 8:30 am

Thanks guys digitalhost looks very good so i think ive found my webhost :) My dodgy webhost is invisionhost and once upon a time they were very good, then they sold out and the last 6-8 months has been a joke - sad thing is the 2 years... [read more]

2003-Sep-4, 11:56 pm

i recommend aswell. their support is unbelievably good. on the few times i have had to contact support (mostly n00b questions about cpanel or sumthing) i always get a reply within 5 minutes.... [read more]

2003-Sep-4, 9:41 pm

currently with very happy. very cheap also and fit into your price range... [read more]

2003-Aug-29, 2:29 pm

i am with digitalhost, first company i have been with for payed hosting and been very happy. I wanted something cheap but with lots of features­ aredhosting.htm I have the bronze plan, but i was... [read more]

2003-Jul-21, 1:29 am

i agree with Neil, i cannot speak highly enough of, they are above and beyond the call.. drop them a line (or mail) and explain where you are at.. they will more than likely just fix everything up for you, and you can... [read more]

2003-Jul-18, 10:18 pm accept electronic payments into their accounts. Or you could just attend the bank and deposit directly. Best to email mail them they may have other ways for you to pay if you decide to go with them.... [read more]

2003-Jul-14, 8:16 pm

... me no probs at all. I use a company called digitalhost they have good pricing and customer service. If you havent already got a company in mind you could always send an email to with... [read more]

2003-Jul-10, 2:30 pm

no it doesn't I am with digitalhost. i pay $60 a year for 200mb they are an AU company but the servers are in the US and their service is 5 star. Never had any problems. if you need more stuff for your account you just ask and most... [read more]

2003-Jun-27, 3:43 pm

Yep I can also recommend excellent service especially for the technical newbies when it comes to all the goodies you have at your disposal. I would suggest you use the online quote facility and be specific about... [read more]

2003-Jun-27, 10:26 am

I agree with Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo... just pay for it. are a great hosting company and i have no hesitation in recommending them Neil... [read more]

2003-Jun-9, 11:01 pm

... 200mb and everything else you ever neeed. i suggest you just pay it is well worth it and is very cheap now adays. i didn't have to pay by credit card either. best thing is you don't have to worrie about blocking... [read more]

2003-Jun-25, 9:43 pm

If you think those prices are competitive you haven't check out I have an account with them on their Silver Plan which gives me 300MB storage and 8Gigs of transfer a month for a paultry AUD$8.99 p/m. And I have... [read more]

2003-Jun-23, 10:29 pm

i am paying $60 AUD a year, for 200mb, 5gb bandwidth and all the extras. very happy. I think the servers are in US, not sure. I am in contact with the own straight away if i have any conserns and get a responces... [read more]

2003-Jun-12, 10:49 pm

... space you will really need. With my host( i have 200mb, my databses show up in the cpanel, my 200mb can pretty much go to teh database if i wanted to but i am sure the host wouldn't like it. I wouldn't need that... [read more]

2003-Jun-16, 11:18 am

... I thought I should share my experiences with as well. I was looking for somewhere to host basically a photo gallery website so that I could share pictures of my new born son with my family and friends overseas. I... [read more]

2003-Jun-2, 10:31 pm

... keep my business. I was very keen to go with digitalhost, but have decided to stay with my current host, purely on an economical basis.... [read more]

2003-Jun-2, 10:28 pm

Actually having just spoken to a rep from, they seem pretty flexible with their plans and he says they favour aussie users (support/offices seems to be brisbane based)... So i guess it looks like I've found... [read more]

2003-May-26, 8:06 pm

well i am paying the same price as solidinternet. they do have few extra features but it is a bit late. it doesn't bother me that much. i am also getting a domain with them as well. aslo after looking closer they don't give me CGI(perl)... [read more]

2003-May-26, 1:05 pm

this­ .php looks expensive for each month want a cheap yearly price... [read more]

2003-May-23, 2:47 pm

well I am in the process of signing up with they are beeing very helpfuly in giving me a plan that suits me for a good price.... [read more]

2003-May-21, 11:15 pm

... to pay for a price similar to that of the digitalhost price. like i said Thanks Heaps... [read more]

2003-May-21, 10:55 pm

how much space dan. i would much profer to pay for it myself, therefore having my own personal account. i am leaning towards the Bronze account here­ dhosting.htm... [read more]

2003-May-24, 3:41 pm

despite first impressions digitalhost is way overloaded to the extent of too many images, too large a header, not maximising the page usage for text it has some innovative presentation ideas but in general if you get in to the main pages... [read more]

2003-May-24, 12:43 am

... if your wondering what hostcp3 has to do with : we took control of Last year and intergrated the two services.... [read more]

2003-May-23, 2:10 pm

I would say swiftel, but not because digitalhost uses a templatemonster design. Most of those proffesional designs from templatemonster are great, and although i havent tested their compatability work fine on my PC and look a treat,... [read more]

2003-May-23, 1:03 pm

... loads, you are let down comparitively to the digitalhost site because the rest of their site is just as flash looking as the logo. If swiftdsl were to make the rest of their page look just as good with simple use of colour/layout in the... [read more]

2003-May-23, 12:50 pm

Just noticed that use premade page designs (bought from somewhere like­ I just want your opinion on how to fits the purpose of the site, how reliable/knowledgable the two... [read more]

2003-May-21, 11:23 pm

... are just one of header and footer.­ .php­ r.htm­ r.htm I need this done within the week if possible. thanks.... [read more]

2003-May-21, 5:52 pm

Hi This page­ .php can someone give us a price to clean up the code and optimize the images for faster loading. Include your price and information to or [read more]

2003-Mar-2, 12:04 pm­ ng.html $17.99 a month or $199 a year Some of the things you get: Diskspace 1GB Bandwidth 25GB MySQL 100 PHP CGI Frontpage POP3 Email 500 SubDomains 100 Domain Pointers 4 I recommend... [read more]

Check the thread for webhost database I use Great Australian company to deal with Cheers Neil (edit) typo...

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