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Answers to general questions about's services.

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What are the server's specifications?
Intel 1100 - 1.8 - 2.6 P4 GHZ processors. 512 - 2GB RAM. 9 - 18GB IBM SCSII HDD 60 GIG SEPARATE BACKUP DRIVE

What type of connection do you use?
Network Specs here.

Where are the server's located?

1919 W. Lone Cactus Drive Phoenix AZ 85027

How long will it take to get access to my account/web site after I sign up for hosting with you?
Usually we setup accounts within 30 minutes and depending on demand for service up to 6 hours. So once you have signed up with us and made payment we will setup your account. You can start uploading your web-site as soon as you get your welcome email.

Do you have backup service?
Yes, we backup our server's data every night, weekly and monthly.

Is there a setup fee?
No, we build this into your first months hosting so to get you started is not more than the cost of one months hosting.

Do you offer custom hosting and reseller plan?
Yes, Please contact our sales department with your request/s, Disk space, Bandwidth, etc. they will reply you with an offer.

Do you support ASP or Cold Fusion?
Not at this time, we do not provide ASP and Cold Fusion services.

Do you provide Windows2000 /NT based hosting?
Not at this time, we do not provide Windows2000/ NT based hosting. We use Red Hat Linux.

Some hosts offering the same features with a better price, can compete ?

Generally our pricing is very competitive, comparing just the price and allocated bandwidth with other hosting companies is not the only comparison to make, incorporate service and support into your equation and you may find our pricing to be better than many companies. Instead of reducing pricing to meet lower quality providers we like to inject funds back into equipment and service, after all the very reason a client would want hosting first and foremost is to have their website online 24/7.

Do you offer SSL and do I have to buy an SSL Certificate?

Yes, We can provide, support and install SSL certificates which are then authenticated to your company and are covered by a $10,000 AUD insurance policy against fraudulent transactions which are processed on your website under any SSL/https pages, this includes a dedicated ip address for your website, cost $150.00 - $200.00 AUD per year.

Alternatively we can supply a Generic Server SSL Certificate, this allows you to run your website under https, a $50 Setup fee applies as well as a yearly fee of $100.00 which includes a dedicated ip address for your account..

Do you offer Adult Hosting?
Digitalhost only hosts content which is acceptable for children, Adult content does not fit that category.

Does offer free hosting or sponsoring?
We currently support a local community project which includes webhosting and beyond.

Does provide support to reseller account holder's clients?
Resellers must provide support to their clients. However, we support resellers to the extent it will allow a learner to start their own business in the fast growing webhosting industry.

Can I pay for reseller plans annually?
Yes, Contact us for more information, please note that yearly payments are not refundable if you change your mind 3 months later.

Does charge me anything if I get over my account features?
We do not have control over your credit card at all, if your account requires more bandwidth, storage or features we will contact you and request you upgrade your plan by resubmitting your payment details.

Can I cancel my recurring payment?
Yes, please contact Please be aware that we require a full 30 days notice before your next billing period

Do you accept Credit Cards online?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards. We use 2checkout merchant. Shopping with us is secure, fast and easy!

My credit card was voided, what does that mean?
If your billing information is incorrect, including phone number, PO BOX, zip code, etc, your transaction may be voided.
Please provide the correct billing information to avoid this.

How do I know if I have been charged or not?
After any successful transaction, you will receive an email saying a transaction was made. If you did not get an email, it means no transaction was made and your credit card has not been charged.

Do you accept Paypal?

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for reasons such as no service to you the customer, continued server or network downtime, we do not refund simply if a client changes their mind.

What control panel do you provide?
We provide Cpanel (9.0)+ This is the best and the easiest control panel available.

Where can my clients see their emails?
Your clients can use POP3 services like Outlook Express or Eudora or at

Can I run CGI scripts anywhere on my account directories?
No cgi-bin directories only..

What is Addon domain?
Addon domains are the number of domains you can use with your account.

What is the difference between addon domains and domain pointer?
Addon domains are stand alone fully working domains, domain pointing is like duplicating the domain.

My account is too messy, can I refresh my account?
Yes, just contact us. We will remove your current account and setup a fresh account for a small fee.

Can I upgrade my account at any level?
Yes, you can upgrade your account from plan to plan anytime you want.

Can I buy a hosting account and then upgrade it to reseller account when I want?
Yes without penalty, We can upgrade hosting plans to reseller plans. Please contact us for more info.

Can I give email address to my clients or friends?
Yes, you are free to give email addresses to your friends, clients or anyone you like, but please remember its your account and you are responsible for bandwidth usage and abuse.

Can I give subdomain to my clients or friends?
Yes, you can give subdomains to anyone you like, but please remember its your account and you are responsible for bandwidth usage and account abuse.

What is Bandwidth?
Bandwidth is data transfer from your web-site in a one-month period. It includes FTP, POP3, Subdomains, etc. That means your website can handle certain amount of data in one-month period. Larger web-sites need more bandwidth depending on the traffic of your web-site.

What will happen if I exceed my bandwidth limit?
When you reach your bandwidth limit, instead of your web-site, a page will appear saying you have reached your bandwidth limit. You can ask for extra bandwidth block in case you need your site to show up, or you can wait until the first day of the next month where your bandwidth limit restarts.
This is not for resellers. Resellers can cross bandwidth and disk space limits, however we will send and invoice to them asking for overage bandwidth or disk space usage payment.

How much bandwidth do I need?
Let's say your site has 200 visitors per day and you have 10 web-pages total. Each page has 20KB data, including pictures and stuff. So every day your website will use approximately 40MB. That's 1.2GB every month.

How much space do I need?
Depending on the nature of your business, if your site has lots of graphics and you offer programs or software to download, you need more space. If you offer information or projects that won't take too much space, you need less space.

Can I upgrade my plan, space, bandwidth, etc. later?
Yes, you can add Disk Space, Bandwidth, mySQL databases or any option you would like after your account was created.

Can help me to install my scripts or programs? is not supporting third party scripts. We do not guarantee third party scripts to work. However, depending on the complexity of the script, we will help you to install it for a small charge.

Do I have 24/7 access to FTP, control panel, etc?
Yes, you have 24 hours a day 7 days a week access to your FTP, Control panel, Emails etc.

Can I move resources between my accounts?
Not unless you have a reseller account.

Am I allowed to do background activities such as BitchX, ircd, psyBNC, etc.?
No, you cannot run such programs on our servers.


UBB (all versions)
IkonBoard (perl/cgi version)
YaBB (perl/cgi version)
Any IRC related software
Proxy Servers
The Anonymizer

FURTHERMORE: We strictly prohibit the use of Bulletin boards which run server intensive flat file systems, we do supply a fully pre-installed Bulletin Board phpbb.

Do you support International domains such as .biz .info . tc .bz . us .br etc.?
Yes, whatever is your domain extension, we will host it for you.

Do you offer domain registration?

Yes, Domain registrations are available here

Do you offer domain transfer?

Yes .com .net and .org domains from $20.00 this transfers your domain to our Global Web Names account. Depending on your current domain registrar, you may also be entitled to another years registration absolutley free.

How can I transfer my domain to

Just point your domain to the nameservers listed in your account setup instructions, if you have misplaced those details just send in a support ticket and a copy will be sent to you.

It usually takes 12 - 48 hours until your domain moves to our servers.

I am completely new to domain transferring, can change my domain dns settings ?
Yes, we will change your domain dns settings free of charge, please send us your registrar address, your username and password, we will do it for you.

How long does it takes for my domain to become active?
After you have modified your DNS, it takes 12 - 48 hours to take effect. It depends on your domain registrar. Sometimes it might take up to 72 hours depending on your ISP and their policy for updating their cache.

Is there any temporarily address I can use instead of my domain?
Yes, please use: http://www.* (please contact support if you need this activated)
You can use this address instead of your domain or for temporary usage.

*Server name can be found with your setup instructions which are sent with all new accounts.

Can I change my domain name after I have signed up?
Yes, we can but the account has to be deleted and recreated therefore we charge $10 per domain change.

I have more questions, where do I go for inquiry?
You can simply Email us or post a ticket at help desk or use our Knowledge Base

Client testimonial

" I have had very fast replies to all of my questions and the answers have been very helpful. I started with their basic hosting plan and then upgraded to become a hosting reseller myself."

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