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About Digitalhost

About Digitalhost

Digitalhost is a family owned business who operate with strict privacy and security measures in place, the information you submit to us and have within your hosting account is considered to be your property and of a highly private nature.

Digitalhost does not give out, sell, lease or provide your information to anybody outside our organization, and even then passwords and such information is only used when absolutely needed by our support staff for resolving an issue you may have with your account.

Digitalhost does provide services such as webhosting, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers, co-located servers, redundancy packages and many eCommerce solutions for small and large businesses.

Digitalhost is not a Reseller. We maintain and run our own webservers. We use Multi-homed redundant (both line-OC12 and DS3's- and backbone redundancy) NOC directly connected to five of the largest Backbones - AT&T, Savvis (UUnet, Sprint, and Cables & Wireless), and Cox, and a second Shared Data center which is also Multi-homed (both line-OC12 and DS3's- and backbone redundancy) connected to UUnet, Global Crossing and Broadwing.

All of our servers are either Unix, and run Apache web server though a Switched Cisco Powered network for the ultimate in speed, reliability and flexibility.

All of our hosting packages come with an easy to use web based control panel. From your internet browser, anywhere in the world, you can add or delete user accounts, forward email, setup autoresponders, operate a mailing list, check your website stats, backup and restore your website and more! You also get a web based email program so you can take care of your email from any web browser in the world!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our web hosting plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee for such reasons as poor network performance or lack of support in which case we will refund your hosting fee. Domain purchases, ip addresses, programming and or software are excluded from refunds.

Our data center has state of the art Cisco router, Cisco IDS, and HP switches. We have dual automatic redundant HVAC (climate control) for maximum server reliability. We have dual power backup including UPS systems for all equipment and a Natural gas powered generator system with an automatic transfer panel. Should utility power ever fail, the UPS systems kick in and power the entire network while the generator automatically starts, warms up, and then switches from utility to generator power in less than 1 minute. When utility power is restored, the automatic transfer panel switches back. The UPS systems also condition and voltage regulate incoming power to ensure consistent and clean power to all servers, routers and switches. We support all sizes and shapes of servers from 1U rackmount to full tower cases. All servers have a dedicated switch port for the best in speed and security.

If you are interested in any digital-data product (even if not listed or priced on our website, please do not hesitate to contact our staff or myself personally

Thankyou Nicholas Richardson

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Code of conduct

Privacy of the client's personal information is of the utmost priority

Privacy of the client's intellectual property is of the utmost priority

Ownership of the client's domain name always remains the property of the client, regardless if Digitalhost registered the domain or if Digitalhost holds the domain in our system. The domain name, regardless of its value, always remains the client's property and at any time the client has full access to that domain, under all circumstances, even in the event of the client moving to another host. Upon request the client is to be given access to their property in the shortest possible time.

Account cancellation is the client's right. The client is not to be hindered when wanting to cancel a hosting account or service provided by Digitalhost. In fact, the client should be given assistance to ensure any payments are cancelled correctly and the transfer to their new provider goes without issue.

Credit Card charges for services will only be charged for the time digitalhost provides a service to clients. No charge will be billed beyond that time, if a charge is inadvertently charged after the client has left our service the full amount will be refunded without delay.

Any file, image, script or data within the client's account remains the property of the client. It is not our place to view, edit or remove any client's data without full permission of the client. The only exception to this is when it has been reported the data contains illegal or unlicensed content or such script is causing server disruption in which event it will be temporarily disabled.

Any password for any account has full encrypted privacy, we cannot view any clients passwords and passwords can only be updated or changed at the clients request.

Support for the hosting and services provide by Digitalhost are free. No charges will be asked for support in the normal course of hosting and email services. This does not include customization of websites, web-design or installation of scripts.

Networks and Hardware - Digitalhost will provide the best network and hardware for our clients at all times. We are working to continually improve the network for the benefit of clients.

Software and Security - Digitalhost on a daily basis updates, patches and monitors servers for optimum performance and security.

All email communication through our network of mail servers are regarded as private. Digitalhost does not filter, view or manipulate any email to any client. We provide the tools for each client to filter their own emails to reduce spam.

All email addresses belonging to clients and their websites are regarded as highly confidential. We will not use or list a client's email address for any purpose other than communication with you the client. Digitalhost will never sell, list or spam a client's email address under any circumstances.

Product Pricing - Digitalhost will continue to price products at a level which ensures the ongoing quality of our service. All advertised prices are constant. We have found that being consistant with our level of pricing ensures the quality of service continues for existing clients instead of chasing extra clients at reduced prices which has an end result of deteriation of services for existing clients.

Long Term Service - Digitalhost is a long term service provider, currently in our 4th full year.

Client testimonial

" I can't believe that your support is so fast and good!!! I told you in my e-mail that in the past I have changed hosting services many times because of poor support and slow response, you are the BEST ON THE NET :-)"

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